6 Steps for Easing Your Child into the Back to School Routine

Summer holidays are over, and your little one is going back to school. Is your child happy? Or, do you see a frown on her face?


Children react differently when it comes to going back to school. Some of them are happy to go back. The regularity is what they seem to enjoy. On the other hand, for some, the summer holidays is where the fun lies.


Worried your child doesn’t want the break to end, and get back into the school routine? Here is what you can do.


  1. Let Your Child Know the Changes in Their Routine

Children don’t find transitions as smooth as adults. Preparing them for school from before can make things easier.


A week before school starts, start talking to your child about the changes he’s going to face. Tell her she has to wake up at seven in the morning, have her breakfast, get dressed, and so on. Give enough time to get prepared mentally for the first day of school.


You can also make a pictorial chart of her routine by including each step.


  1. Let Her Be in Control

Research has proved that people- both children and adults- don’t like the feeling of being out of control. It is especially true for school children, who have most of their activities decided by adults.


It’s important to give them a feeling of being in control. Let her handle tasks associated with school independently. So, she can choose her favorite pencils, socks, or even her dress- anything that generates the feeling of being in control.


  1. Help to Reduce Anxiety

Children are not good at recognizing emotions like anxiety as we do. Be alert to spot signs of nervousness, anxiety, or fear in your child.


Don’t scold, yell, or ask your child to make her forget the worries. That doesn’t help. Suppressing emotions isn’t the right way to go about it too. Talk to your child about the things that she is anxious about. Encourage her to make friends, so that they have someone to share their feelings smooth school.



  1. Set Up a Sleep Routine

Send your kids to bed earlier every night, starting one week before school. It just gets a little easier for your kid to follow the new routine by waking up early.


While implementing a sleep routine, take heed of the following-

  • Create a suitable sleep environment for your child (choose a quiet, dark and peaceful room)
  • Ensure the room is comfortable (not too hot or cold)
  • Find a cozy bed


  1. Limit the Use of Technology

Too much screen time has adverse effects on your child – both emotional and physical – and can also hamper the sleep routine. Don’t let your child use mobiles, tablets, laptops during the evening before they go to bed.


It’s important to lead by example. Stop using your phone in front of your kid. Your child looks up to you for learning new things or knowing what she can – or cannot – do.


  1. Think of Your Child as an Individual

Think of your child as an individual with her own needs and characteristics. Focus on your child, her temperament, and nature to comfort and console her after a hard day’s school.


Don’t Forget Yourself in the Process

Along with your child, it’s also important to look after yourself. Don’t dwell on the crying and the restless image of your kid at the school gate. Involve yourself in some other activity when school reopens!