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Ivy Kids Curriculum

Ivyprep curriculum
IvyPrep is an engaging, researched-based, curriculum developed by Ivy Kids Early Learning Center. Our multiple intelligence based curriculum encourages well roundedness and promotes academic excellence through our active learning methodology. We strive to build world changers by encouraging students to dream big and make positive choices.

Emphasis on active learning

Multiple intelligence foundation

Our curriculum is based on Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner’s theorythat every individual is gifted in different ways, and these intelligences are processed in different areas of the brain. We focus on building well-rounded students by exposing them to as many intelligences as possible in each lesson plan.

world changers exclusively at ivy kinds

Our students learn about leaders from the present and past who have made changes in their local community and the world at large. Through our lesson plans, we instill basic values and character building at an early age. By educating our students on fundamental values and the history of important men and women, we hope to ignite the spark that will inspire them to change the world for the better.

Kids education character and confidence

Ivy kids group discussion
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