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Parent Testimonials

Stacey W.

Ivy Kids is a wonderful preschool! I have two children at this school. The teachers are great and they really work hard to make sure the kids have fun and stay engaged all day. I'm not sure what the other reviewers are talking about on this site. I have evaluated a lot of preschools in this area and Ivy Kids is one of the best!

Beverly P.

My son started at Ivy Kids in September and I absolutely love all of his teachers and the staff!  I was worried that he would cry, but the teachers are so nurturing and caring he did not even notice that I left.  Of course I watched on the cameras all day long at first (as I imagine any new parent would), but my son was always happy and being well taken care of.  My son has also learned so much in his short time at this school.  He is now doing things that's some of his older friends who stay at home are not doing yet.  It also amazes me at how almost every teacher (even those who are not in my sons class) know his name and almost all of the kids names.  I can't even remember all of the names of the kids in his class and there are only 10 of them.  The teachers are so much like family that I have already put my unborn child on the waitlist.  Honestly, I can not say enough positive things about this school.  I sure am glad I found them!  I highly recommend this school to anyone.

Naomi & Eric Goodwin

Ava comes from a few different daycares - and all were good - but NEVER has she been in a daycare where she is always anxious to get to school every single morning. She talks about her friends and her teachers constantly!!! Ms. Madeline is obviously doing something amazing with her kids. She obviously loves her job and takes much pride into her classroom. The classroom is immaculate; her daily sheets are up for parents to see; everything in her classroom is in order, all the time! I am very big on checking in on Ava during the day via Watch Me Grow, and I always see order, patience, and the kids seem to always have structure which was something that was a huge factor for me in choosing a new daycare. Ava always comes home and raves about her days and what she's learned, she sings the songs and she seems to absorb a lot more at Ivy Kids. With all that being said, we have only been at Ivy Kids for a few short months, but Ms. Madeline has exceeded my expectations already, has made my child excited about school and learning, and is constantly putting a smile on her face. From the day we walked in the door to take a tour of Ivy Kids - we had hoped for such an amazing new start for Ava there, and we are so glad we made the right choice in choosing Ivy Kids. Thank you for restoring my trust and faith in a daycare that truly cares about the kids and the parents.

Jennifer & John Kahn

The classrooms are organized, clean and always have the children's artwork and family pictures on the walls. In the afternoons when we pick up our children, we always get a full report on how the children did throughout the day and if there is anything that needs to be addressed behaviorally and academically. Being able to visit with the teachers on a daily basis is so important to us.

Mark & Kimberly Snow

When we arrive to pick our son up he doesn't want to leave. He has made many friends and taken some great field trips. We were so pleased with our experience at Ivy Kids that we recommended it to friends.

Suzanne Gschwind

The reason I keep my children at Ivy Kids is because the well-trained staff sees every child as an individual, recognizing that each child is different. The teachers are calm and loving, and use child-specific methods when motivating or redirecting the kids.

Tho & Rod Miller

Cameras in the classrooms allow us to watch our children throughout the day. Our preschooler has excelled under the direction of the qualified and caring staff. The after school program ensures that our second grader completes his homework and still has time to play.

Monica Graham, MD

I have been very impressed with the care that both of my children have received throughout their time at Ivy Kids.

Brandy H. Taylor

I have had the opportunity to work at Ivy Kids Early Learning Center since its inception. Currently, I am one of the lead teachers for our Pre-K program. So far, it has been a tremendous pleasure working at Ivy Kids. Ivy Kids provides children with a safe, loving and stimulating environment. The caring and nurturing staff at Ivy Kids sets this school apart from others that I have worked for because we place an emphasis on the individual needs of the students. As a result of these great features, my child also attends Ivy Kids.

Raphael and Janice Randal - Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine

We just enrolled our son Raphael at the Richmond Ivy Kids location for Summer Camp and after the 1st week he told me that he wants to be the first kid there every morning. As a parent, it feels good to know that he is enjoying everything that they have to offer.

Katie Spencer

"Ivy Kids is the epitome of education! Each and every day my 3-year old girls walk into the doors of Ivy Kids, we are relaxed by the comforting and loving professional staff. My girls are respected, loved and inspired to get their young little minds working! As a professional educator for many years, I have high standards when it comes to my children’s educational environment. Ivy Kids not only matches my expectations but they exceed them by going above and beyond by always doing what is best for my children. I have referenced other parents to enroll their children into Ivy Kids for four specific reasons: 1. The love and concern they have for all children 2. The solid education and character building standards encouraged in the classrooms 3. Professionalism of the staff 4. Fun enthusiastic atmosphere which in turn promotes life-long learning Thank you for all that you do Ivy Kids!!!" Katie Spencer Health Education Seven Lakes High School Katy, Texas

Brenda S.

Ivy Kids Cinco Ranch is the perfect school for my two boys! I trust that the teachers and staff have my boy’s best interest at heart and will keep them safe and loved. My oldest son is five and Ivy Kids is the third school he has attended. He previously cried every morning when I dropped him off, but starting from the first day at Ivy Kids Cinco Ranch he hugged me goodbye without tears. Knowing that he is happy with his teachers and school gives me great peace of mind as a mother. My son comes home and is excited to teach me what he has been learning about and enjoys telling me about his trips to the science room and field trips. I am an elementary teacher and I feel confident that my son is prepared to start kindergarten with the skills needed to succeed. My youngest son is one and he is also happy to see his teachers and friends every morning. He starts laughing and smiling when he sees his teachers and reaches for them for his morning hug. He is always well taken care of and loved which is so very important at his age. I have been very happy with my experience with Ivy Kids Cinco Ranch and I would recommend them to anyone who wants their child to be in a loving, safe learning environment that promotes a positive approach to educating and caring for young children. Thank you, Brenda S. - First grade teacher

Two very happy parents!

Ivy Kids is the BEST decision we could have made for our daughter. She came from a small home school environment and adapted very quickly. Mommy was super nervous about leaving her but the staff was so loving and helped her adjust quickly. We visited many schools in the Pearland area before selecting Ivy Kids and we see the difference in her growth and development. The staff is AWESOME, I love the fact that there are over 200 children in attendance and yet they know all of the parents and students by name- what a personal touch! Our daughter still likes to visit her old classroom to speak to her teachers she is so fond of them all. When we are out in town shopping or playing at the neighborhood park, people often inquire as to what school she attends and I say with pride IVY KIDS! Signed, Two very happy parents! (Pearland)

Charisse Kirkley

When my husband and I chose to move from NJ to Houston last year, few things were as important as how our 3 young children would be cared for while we worked whole-heartedly to rebuild our careers. After visiting with several local child care providers, our family chose Ivy Kids Cypress. Our reasons were practical and emotional: great location, clean & bright facility, spacious classrooms, a science lab (awesome!), splash pad, the focus on academic excellence (which we love...), and - above all - a director, management staff, and teachers who I could tell genuinely enjoy what they do. Since enrolling with Ivy Kids, my rambunctious 1-year-old has taught me sign language, my creative three-year-old has made new friends, and my brilliant five-year-old understands better how to share the spotlight with his future kindergarten classmates. We are thoroughly pleased with our decision, and would encourage anyone to take a look at Ivy Kids for their own children. Charisse Kirkley

Natalya Walker - Educator

It is an absolute pleasure to have Ms. Maggie (Ivy Kids Cypress) as my son’s teacher in toddler B. As a parent, my first concern is that my child feels safe and loved away from home. Ms. Maggie greets him with a hug, a smile and a great big kiss! This behavior is displayed not only to my child, but to every child in the room. The children feel wanted, and recognized. They feel loved and a child know’s love. How great is that! I frequently monitor the classroom, camera via web and each time I tune in she is consistently working with the children. Many times she is reading and sharing in circle time. Sometimes, she is working with them on some type of hands-on activity, be it coloring, hand printing, or painting. Each day my son comes home with work that reflects what they have covered during the day. As a parent and an educator, I work with my son constantly. While interacting with him, I often notice new vocabulary, words that I have not taught him, It becomes very apparent that his teacher is really working with him. I am sooo grateful. It gives me peace and comfort as I watch Ms. Maggie working with the children. Ms. Natalya Walker - Educator, Katy ISD

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