Science Curriculum

Spanish Curriculum

It is never too early to start learning a second language. Ivy Kids integrates Spanish into daily circle time and vocabulary exercises to tap into your child’s natural ability to learn language. Students also follow a Spanish language curriculum with a Spanish instructor twice a week.

Each of our locations has a science room to conduct experiments, explore science through multimedia presentations, and host expert guests. We believe early childhood is the time to expand horizons!


As children begin to explore and discover the world around them, their brains make connections. Through hands-on, student led activities, Ivy Kids’ brainSTEM Science Curriculum is designed to inspire new connections, and nurture connections already made.

Music and Movement

Music and movement are important ways to build creativity. At Ivy Kids, we use music and movement from our infant room all the way through to our after schoolers. Movement inside the classroom and outdoors strengthens gross and fine motor skills. Additionally, many of our centers host dance instructors, musicians, Soccer, yoga for kids and much more!

Educational Technology

Ivy Kids is committed to bringing the best, current educational technologies to your child. Our state-of-the-art facilities include touchscreen computers in the classroom, SMART Boards and handheld tablets. Diverse technologies allow teachers to incorporate games and interactive videos and to customize lesson plans to individual students.


Ivy Kids’ garden is filled with vegetables and herbs that your child helps grow. Gardening is a great way for kids to learn about the environment. Children are excited to take care of livings thing and to see (and taste!) the rewards of their hard work.


In early stages of development, children are seeking to understand and imitate the exciting and complex world around them. Our cooking program introduces kids to the kitchen, while using skills like counting, pouring, food preparation and clean up. Every accomplishment is important at Ivy Kids – even a perfectly baked cookie.