Fabulous Fall

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…” – Oscar Wilde

Leaves change colors and the air grows crisp as the incoming season is embraced with
all things pumpkin spice…in the rest of the country, but Houstonians are just starting to
crawl out of our summer hibernation as the temps drop below 90! Nonetheless, the fall
season is here and its a beautiful time to get out and make some fabulous fall family

A farmers market is a great place to educate your child on the beautiful fruits and
vegetables that fall has to offer. Lovely pears, apples, cranberries and numerous fruits
are in season as well as vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and winter
squashes. The much loved pumpkin is beaming to be carved for festivities but also is
wonderful cooked for consumption. When shopping at a farmers market, you can teach
the importance of supporting your local farmers and economy. Freshly picked, in
season produce is best in flavor and at its pinnacle in nutrition. Its a great way to get
your kids involved supporting your community and educating them on nourishment.

Pumpkin patches provide many ways to engage children in learning and growing.
Giving children the freedom to wander and choose their own pumpkins gives them a
sense of independence and pride. This also can provide an educational opportunity
about pumpkins, gourds and other fruits and vegetables that grow on vines. You will
also provide a photo opportunity for fall memories to be shared for years to come.

Fall festivals are a celebration designed for the whole family. Fostering community
pride. It is a great pathway for people to connect through community relationships.
Allowing people from the surrounding community to gather and enjoy a time of
relaxation and lots of fun.

Our Ivy Kids Schools host an individual fall festival with food,
games, and activities for families to enjoy. Visit your nearest Ivy Kids for a fall festival or
other fall events.

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