How safe is your center?

Safety and security are one of our top priorities. We will always make sure your child is safe and sound. All of our facilities feature front door buzzer entry as well as front desk administrators that are present during all business hours.

What does my child do throughout the day?

Each classroom has a daily schedule that they follow throughout the day. This includes circle time, small group learning, snacks and lunch, naptime, outside time, yoga and meditation, music and movement and enrichment centers.

Are there healthy food options for my child?

Healthy food leads to healthy minds. At Ivy Kids, all of our facilities are outfitted with commercial kitchens featuring chefs specifically trained to cook nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients for your children onsite.

What events are held at Ivy kids and do you have parental involvement?

There are multiple events held at Ivy Kids throughout the school year. Parents and families are always welcome and are encouraged to attend all events.

How do you manage parent allergy concerns?

All Ivy Kids schools operate a strict ‘peanut-free’ kitchen. We also work with each family to accommodate most food-allergies and dietary restrictions.

How qualified is your staff?

Many of our teachers have obtained their Bachelors or Master’s degree. Ivy Kids also sponsors several teachers every semester to obtain their CDA credential. In addition, all of our teachers go through advanced, age-specific curriculum training and must be CPR, First Aid certified, and attend workshops and training throughout the year,

Can I call the center to see how my child is doing?

You can call the center any time of the day to inquire about your child. We also have Internet cameras in all classrooms for full-day monitoring from your desktop or handheld device.

What is the class size and student-teacher ratio?

Ivy Kids is a licensed childcare facility that follows the Texas Minimum Standards for Childcare Centers. However, at Ivy Kids our ratios are much smaller than required by the state and vary by each age group.

Is there a waiting list?

There are a limited number of spots in each classroom. Please call or email your closest Ivy Kids center to check if there is space available for your child’s classroom.

What are your hours of operation?

The hours of operation are Monday to Friday 6:00AM to 6:30PM.

What age children do you accept?

Our students ages range from 6 weeks to 12 years old.