How to Prepare Your Children for Going Back to In-Person Learning

How to Prepare Your Children for Going Back to In-Person Classroom Learning

The long months of lockdown appear to be finally over, and kids are going to get back into their classrooms. For most children, this is an exciting time as they are going to meet their friends again. Kids can be in social environments once more and have fun while learning.
However, not every child may be happy or ready to go back to in-person schooling. Staying at home for extended periods might have erased the familiarity with routine. Additionally, some are apprehensive about going back to school.

Ivy Kids is always here to help families preparing and continuing each child’s educational journey. Here are a few tips to help prepare your child for in-person classes.

Talk with Your Child
Talking with your children is the best way to know if they are anxious about school. You can ask about the things he or she is excited about. Or, tell them to share a few things they expect when they go back to their classes.

You will be able to spot any signs of apprehensiveness or fear and counsel your child accordingly to ease their anxieties.
You should start talking more about school and daily activities in and around the classroom. For older kids, you might discuss how they plan to stay safe in class, such as continuing to wear masks. Older children may be happy to be back in class especially to see missed friends after such a long period.

Build a Sense of Routine
Younger kids may have lost their sense of routine they will need to follow once they start their classes. Start preparing your child the way you would if they are going to school, at least one or two weeks before classes start.
For example, wake them up early and let them study for a while. You can also drive them by the school and talk about when they will be back in class. Some parents may also need to adjust meal timings to fit the school routine.
The best way forward is to prepare your child slowly. Don’t force or try to do things too quickly.

Tips for Anxious or Sensitive Kids
Some kids may have enjoyed staying at home. They may not be happy to go back and show signs of stress.
You need to be extra gentle and allow time for your child to cope. Talk openly with your child and look for any symptoms of stress-
● Changes in behavior
● Changes in sleeping patterns
● Avoiding school or particular classes
● Talking less than usual
You may need additional support and professional help to prepare sensitive or anxious children.

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