Wrapping Up the Pre-K School Year - Finish Strong!

Kindergarten Readiness

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s not long until it is time for a well-deserved break. With just a few weeks of the school year left, it may be challenging for students and families to stay motivated. Here are a few tips to finish the school year strong!

Kindergarten Readiness

Celebrate the milestones and achievements!
Finishing early childhood education is quite an achievement in itself. After watching children grow from infancy to pre kindergarten (Pre-K), getting ready for elementary school can be quite emotional!

As students are finishing Pre-K and getting ready for Kindergarten, this is a pertinent time to reflect and celebrate the wonderful milestones of the academic year. Some of the highlights of our Ivy Kids Pre-K program include:

  • Fine tuning motor skills and handwriting development
  • Higher order mathematics such as simple addition/subtraction, skip counting, and introduction to money and clocks
  • Developing literacy through guided and independent reading
  • Sight words, word families, and spelling skills
  • Outdoor play, music, and movement
  • Social studies and community building activities
  • Science and Spanish curriculum
    It’s been quite a year for our Ivy Kids students, and we eagerly anticipate celebrating at each center’s Pre-K graduation ceremonies.

Kindergarten Readiness

Although it goes without saying, every child is unique and develops accordingly. For more information on key early childhood milestones and developmental stages, the CDC provides a free checklist guide here.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
The end of the school year is an opportune time for parents, teachers and students to write down or type a list of up to five achievements you’re thankful for, and things which you would like to improve. This can be a great exercise to help articulate many things, including the academic achievements you’re proud of and areas for further development and growth. We like these two free templates from Scholastic that may be useful – Glow and Grow and Thank you.

Plan your summer.
Summer can be a great time to not only refresh and recharge after a busy school year but also to keep the momentum going on some of those areas you would like to improve, such as math and reading or enhancing problem solving skills. There are potential fun math games and free summer reading programs you can check out. Or, if you’re planning a staycation and want a safe, fun educational experience for your kiddos while you work, check out Ivy Kids Summer camp!
Ivy Kids centers offer up to 12 weeks of educational summer camps for children ages kindergarten to 12. Our goal is to help children get ahead for the new school year with a fun-packed academic program. Our summer program includes daily math and reading challenges, STEAM projects including coding and robotics, field trips, games and more! Contact your closest Ivy Kids to sign up here.

Kindergarten Readiness

Life after Pre-K! Getting ready for elementary school.

A smooth transition to Kindergarten can lead to a great elementary school experience. At Ivy Kids, our Kindergarten transitional program reviews important Pre-K concepts and will mimic the schedule and pace of a typical Kindergarten classroom. We will also teach essential elementary school habits including making positive choices, conflict resolution with peers; and practical aspects such as choosing healthy lunches and safety during school bus wait times.

Join us during the last two weeks of summer camp for a fun, confidence-building program.

To learn more about all Ivy Kids Early Learning Center programs, contact your closest Ivy Kids center today!