Meet the Owner

Anila Rahim

Karim and I are proud of the opportunity to build another Ivy Kids. We have two loving girls who keep us young and are our daily reminders of why we do what we do.

I attended London School of Economics and received a Masters in Management of NGOs. Since then, my focus has been on managing non-profit schools and on creating opportunities for young children in impoverished areas.

I am fortunate to have a life partner who shares the love for children and the belief that we can make a difference in the world by taking small steps. We are doing our share by providing a holistic early childhood education to the children of the Cypress Community.

I am looking forward to the day when we will hold reunions for our Ivy Kids graduates and will learn about the impact they are creating in their communities. Some Ivy Kids will go on to become researchers who may find the cure for cancer, some would explore options for human settlements in space, some may use technology to bring hope in the education field for developing countries, some may become lawyers, doctors, teachers, and artists. We want to play our part in helping these kids pursue their dreams with compassion and empathy towards their fellow human beings. This is what drives us each day.

Ivy Kids is the first step in an exciting journey for these young children, and we feel proud and blessed to be part of their journey. Thank you parents for sharing these important years of your child’s life with us at Ivy Kids.

Anila Rahim

Meet the Director

Angela Farris

With over 15 year in education as a Teacher, Trainer, Area Leader and Director, I am excited to continue my path as a part of the Ivy Kids family.  From the hilarious things that children say to watching them learn how to write their name for the first time, working with children is continuously rewarding.  As a graduate from Texas A&M with a BA in Psychology and emphasis on Youth Development and Behavioral Disorders of Children, I strive to build programs and an environment that focuses on the whole child.  I also believe that children are most successful when there is a strong partnership between the children, families and their school. I look forward to meeting each of you and your children, so we can build a strong partnership in their success.


Meet the Education Director

Idalis Stevenson

I am so happy to be a part of the Ivy Kids family. I attended San Angelo State University majoring in Animal Science with a minor in Education. I had hopes of becoming a high school agriculture teacher though when I had my daughter, I found my passion for Early Childhood Education. I started my journey in the classroom as a toddler and twos teacher, and then moved up to being the education director. Being a mother of two, I understand how important it is for a child’s education to start very young. Each child is different and learns in their very own way, I strive to create an environment that focuses and meets the needs of our students.  I am so excited to meet all of you and to work closely with you in building a better future for you little ones!

Live Web Cam

Ivy Kids is proud to partner with WatchMeGrow’s classroom monitoring program.
You can sign up to see a live stream of your child’s classroom from your smartphone or desktop computer.


Mobile Phone Apps:
For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: please look for the free WatchMeGrow app in the iPhone Apps on the App Store.
For Android Devices: Please look for the free WatchMeGrow app in the Play Store.

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