Meet the Owner

Sarjana Momin

I am a graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Prior to joining Ivy Kids, I worked for a staffing company in Houston. I enjoy doing volunteer work and spending time with my twin boys and husband.

Working at Ivy Kids has been a natural evolution you could say! I joined Ivy Kids in 2005 as an Administrative Assistant at Pearland. As a first timer in a childcare center, I was impressed by the depth of work and high level of care it takes to run and manage great educational childcare. On a day to day basis, being one of the first people in contact with children, parents and staff made me realize my passion of early childhood education. In my 5 years at Pearland, I saw children in the infant room grow up to be smart young children ready for elementary school. Seeing the children go through this first phase of their lives from infants to confident pre-k graduates has given me the personal goal of making a difference in every child’s life who comes to Ivy Kids.

In 2013, Ivy Kids in Cinco Ranch started construction and we opened our doors January 8, 2014. This all went smoothly while being pregnant with my twin boys at the time! As I started this new adventure, it helped spur my goals further to help children and prepare them for their future by building more Ivy Kids centers. My two boys are the reason I am happy to come to the center and spend my time here. Seeing the children grow up with us and leaving lasting memories for us to cherish is life changing!

​As the children leave our care and start elementary school, we wish them all the best and hope they come back to visit us as adults. We look forward to seeing the leaders of tomorrow walk the halls of Ivy Kids today. We are excited to be part of this lifelong journey with the children.

Live Web Cam

Ivy Kids is proud to partner with WatchMeGrow’s classroom monitoring program.
You can sign up to see a live stream of your child’s classroom from your smartphone or desktop computer.


Mobile Phone Apps:
For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad: please look for the free WatchMeGrow app in the iPhone Apps on the App Store.
For Android Devices: Please look for the free WatchMeGrow app in the Play Store.

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