Mummify Your Spring Break! Discover the Secrets of ancient Egypt

Did you know…?

The Egyptian pyramids were magnificent tombs for rulers called pharaohs. When pharaohs died, they were mummified so that their bodies would be preserved for the afterlife. Many of the pyramids and mummies inside of them are around 4500 years old! Amulets were commonly placed in a mummy’s bandages. They were small objects, similar to pendants, that were worn on necklaces and bracelets or carried around. These pretty little pendants were thought to have protective powers. They usually symbolized a god who was supposed to keep a person safe from harm. Many were shaped like animals, or hieroglyphs (old Egyptian writing characters).

Spring Break with Ivy Kids

At Ivy Kids, our spring break camp theme this year will highlight the spellbinding history of the Egyptian kingdom. During the week of March 12-16 at most of our locations, students will have a blast as we embark on a mythical journey through ancient Egypt. We have activities that will provide opportunities to learn about the mysterious pharaohs, build pyramids, and sample the exotic flavors of Egyptian cuisine. Our camp welcomes children aged 5-12 years old, and will feature teambuilding activities, science experiments, cooking projects, arts, crafts, interactive games, and field trips. During this week, we will offer an exclusive sneak peek at some of Ivy Kids’ upcoming summer camp themes: Messy Maniacs, Traveling Chefs, Under Construction, Do It Yourself, Mythical Voyage, and Ivy Kids Games.

For more information and to sign up, please visit our website.

Check it out!

If you’re looking for an exciting weekend activity that corresponds with our spring break theme, the Hall of Ancient Egypt at the Houston Museum of Natural Science has real mummies and amulets on display!

Get Crafty! Make your own amulet

Here is a fun, hands-on activity that you can try at home with your children to get them excited about the mysterious world of ancient Egypt.

Materials and Equipment

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
Paints and paintbrushes
Mixing bowl
Oven (Adult Use Only)


1 disposable foil pan
Play sand
Ziploc bags
A plastic spoon
A brush


  • In a large bowl, combine the flour, salt and water. Mix and knead until it reaches the consistency of dough.
  • Instruct children to shape their dough into pendants.
  • Use a straw to poke holes in the pendants. One hole at the top of the pendant will be needed for a necklace, and two holes on opposite sides will be needed for a bracelet.
  • Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and bake the amulets for 2 hours, then take out and allow them to dry and cool down.
  • Provide children with pictures of Egyptian amulets as inspiration. The Ankh and the Eye of Horus are some of the most recognizable Egyptian symbols.  Allow children to paint their pendants with pictures of their favorite Egyptian symbols.
  • Once the paint is dry, string the pendant using yarn and allow children to wear them!

Optional Extension

  • Once the amulets are dry, place them in a foil pan and cover it with sand to create your own archeological dig.
  • Provide spoons and brushes for children to dig out and clean each amulet.
  • Provide Ziploc bags for children to store their newfound treasures!

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