Selecting the Best After School Care

A high-quality after school program can offer many benefits for school-age children. Studies show that kids in after school programs may get better grades and may also see fewer behavioral problems. Here are some key benefits to consider below.

Provide a safe, welcoming environment

Children need to unwind and relax after the school day. A facility that provides after school care in a nurturing environment with safe supervision is a great benefit.

Consistent academic support

An after school program with homework assistance from teachers is a welcome benefit for many children to complete their homework after school and not in late evening hours when it may become harder to complete with more distractions.

Make friends and improve social skills

A quality after school program can provide children with the opportunity to make new friends and create a sense of belonging. An after school program in a smaller classroom setting with group projects or games can help build teamwork, respect, and cooperation between the small group with more adult supervision than what’s offered in a traditional school setting.

Build confidence and have fun while learning 

Some after school programs offer additional STEAM projects and activities such as robotics, coding, arts, and sports. These activities offer a fun, challenging, and meaningful way for children to build new skills and interest in new areas they enjoy. 


Finding the right before and after school program for your children is crucial. Review our checklist of potential questions to ask providers.

  • Is your after school program highly or loosely structured? 
  • What are the hours available? Does it include before and after school hours?
  • Is it all independent play or does it include structured time for homework, tutoring, and play?
  • What types of specific activities are offered? 
  • Is transportation provided to and from the school location?
  • Are the school-age teachers trained, licensed, and qualified?
  • Does the program charge fees for late pickups?
  • Will my child be around children he or she already knows?
  • What type of STEAM projects are offered?
  • What type of snacks and refreshments are provided? Is this an additional cost?
  • Is the facility open when school is canceled?
  • What is the sick child policy?
  • Are there other seasonal camp programs?


At Ivy Kids, our before and after school program offers school-age children a place to relax with friends, while still remaining engaged in a safe and active learning environment.

We offer a wide variety of activities to keep your child stimulated in fun and creative ways in our large, spacious facility. Our program includes transportation to and from local elementary schools, homework assistance, delicious nutritious snacks, STEAM project activities, indoor-outdoor games, sports activities, and playgrounds. Contact your closest Ivy Kids Center to learn more and sign up today!