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Brenda S.

Ivy Kids Cinco Ranch is the perfect school for my two boys! I trust that the teachers and staff have my boy’s best interest at heart and will keep them safe and loved. My oldest son is five and Ivy Kids is the third school he has attended. He previously cried every morning when I dropped him off, but starting from the first day at Ivy Kids Cinco Ranch he hugged me goodbye without tears. Knowing that he is happy with his teachers and school gives me great peace of mind as a mother. My son comes home and is excited to teach me what he has been learning about and enjoys telling me about his trips to the science room and field trips. I am an elementary teacher and I feel confident that my son is prepared to start kindergarten with the skills needed to succeed. My youngest son is one and he is also happy to see his teachers and friends every morning. He starts laughing and smiling when he sees his teachers and reaches for them for his morning hug. He is always well taken care of and loved which is so very important at his age. I have been very happy with my experience with Ivy Kids Cinco Ranch and I would recommend them to anyone who wants their child to be in a loving, safe learning environment that promotes a positive approach to educating and caring for young children. Thank you, Brenda S. - First grade teacher
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