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Charisse Kirkley

When my husband and I chose to move from NJ to Houston last year, few things were as important as how our 3 young children would be cared for while we worked whole-heartedly to rebuild our careers. After visiting with several local child care providers, our family chose Ivy Kids Cypress. Our reasons were practical and emotional: great location, clean & bright facility, spacious classrooms, a science lab (awesome!), splash pad, the focus on academic excellence (which we love...), and - above all - a director, management staff, and teachers who I could tell genuinely enjoy what they do. Since enrolling with Ivy Kids, my rambunctious 1-year-old has taught me sign language, my creative three-year-old has made new friends, and my brilliant five-year-old understands better how to share the spotlight with his future kindergarten classmates. We are thoroughly pleased with our decision, and would encourage anyone to take a look at Ivy Kids for their own children. Charisse Kirkley
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