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Katie Spencer

"Ivy Kids is the epitome of education! Each and every day my 3-year old girls walk into the doors of Ivy Kids, we are relaxed by the comforting and loving professional staff. My girls are respected, loved and inspired to get their young little minds working! As a professional educator for many years, I have high standards when it comes to my children’s educational environment. Ivy Kids not only matches my expectations but they exceed them by going above and beyond by always doing what is best for my children. I have referenced other parents to enroll their children into Ivy Kids for four specific reasons: 1. The love and concern they have for all children 2. The solid education and character building standards encouraged in the classrooms 3. Professionalism of the staff 4. Fun enthusiastic atmosphere which in turn promotes life-long learning Thank you for all that you do Ivy Kids!!!" Katie Spencer Health Education Seven Lakes High School Katy, Texas
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