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Natalya Walker – Educator

It is an absolute pleasure to have Ms. Maggie (Ivy Kids Cypress) as my son’s teacher in toddler B. As a parent, my first concern is that my child feels safe and loved away from home. Ms. Maggie greets him with a hug, a smile and a great big kiss! This behavior is displayed not only to my child, but to every child in the room. The children feel wanted, and recognized. They feel loved and a child know’s love. How great is that! I frequently monitor the classroom, camera via web and each time I tune in she is consistently working with the children. Many times she is reading and sharing in circle time. Sometimes, she is working with them on some type of hands-on activity, be it coloring, hand printing, or painting. Each day my son comes home with work that reflects what they have covered during the day. As a parent and an educator, I work with my son constantly. While interacting with him, I often notice new vocabulary, words that I have not taught him, It becomes very apparent that his teacher is really working with him. I am sooo grateful. It gives me peace and comfort as I watch Ms. Maggie working with the children. Ms. Natalya Walker - Educator, Katy ISD
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