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Naomi & Eric Goodwin

Ava comes from a few different daycares - and all were good - but NEVER has she been in a daycare where she is always anxious to get to school every single morning. She talks about her friends and her teachers constantly!!! Ms. Madeline is obviously doing something amazing with her kids. She obviously loves her job and takes much pride into her classroom. The classroom is immaculate; her daily sheets are up for parents to see; everything in her classroom is in order, all the time! I am very big on checking in on Ava during the day via Watch Me Grow, and I always see order, patience, and the kids seem to always have structure which was something that was a huge factor for me in choosing a new daycare. Ava always comes home and raves about her days and what she's learned, she sings the songs and she seems to absorb a lot more at Ivy Kids. With all that being said, we have only been at Ivy Kids for a few short months, but Ms. Madeline has exceeded my expectations already, has made my child excited about school and learning, and is constantly putting a smile on her face. From the day we walked in the door to take a tour of Ivy Kids - we had hoped for such an amazing new start for Ava there, and we are so glad we made the right choice in choosing Ivy Kids. Thank you for restoring my trust and faith in a daycare that truly cares about the kids and the parents.
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