The Ivy Kids Curriculum

August 11, 2016

The Ivy Kids Curriculum

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is not smart.”  -Anonymous

”Unfortunately, this is the stark reality of our education system,” says Ivy Kids Curriculum Director, Amy Bey. Advocates for traditional education believe that children can be successful in a ‘one size’ fits all educational model, but recent research has shown that it allows for plenty of negative consequences. Although a particular curriculum, lesson or activity will be effective to a particular group of kids, it may leave other children bored and unengaged.

This understanding inspired the founders of Ivy Kids to go in a different direction. After several years of research and testing, Ivy Kids developed the Ivy Prep Curriculum, a program that encourages active learning, well-roundedness and making positive choices.

The Ivy Prep Curriculum is based off of research from Harvard professor Dr. Howard Gardner, whose theory of multiple intelligences is based on the idea that intelligence is differentiated into specific clusters, rather than being dominated by a single general ability. Gardner identified eight intelligences (logical, linguistic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, naturalistic and visual) that a child might be gifted in. Ivy Prep Curriculum emphasizes that each child is gifted in different ways and that curriculum is not just designed for academic purposes, but to teach children how to solve problems for tomorrow’s world.

Why is this curriculum important?

An active learning program based on multiple intelligences has proven to be one of the best methods for preparing a child for the academic rigors of Kindergarten and elementary school. Kindergarten is the new first grade, as children are learning to label sentences, read and write, and distinguish between nouns and pronouns. Unpreparedness at the Pre-K level has led to early burnout and frustration. As a result, more children are repeating Kindergarten than ever before.

The Ivy Prep Curriculum aims to maintain high academic standards, while also helping kids develop a love for learning. Our curriculum, for example, incorporates singing and rhythm when we teach addition and subtraction to grab the attention of children who are naturally intelligent in music. This in turn introduces music to students who are already mathematically gifted.

Why is Active Learning Important?

The Ivy Prep Curriculum is an active learning curriculum because it encourages children to learn how to DO, rather than just listen and imitate. Children who listen to a teacher introduce the material without actively participating in the activity are more likely to shut down and forget the lesson.

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The Teachers Make the Difference

A groundbreaking curriculum like the one your child will experience at Ivy Kids is only possible with teachers who are enthusiastic about the material. Our teachers are given visual lesson plans on picture cards to engage all eight intelligences everyday. The card systems allows teachers to follow the curriculum with ease while providing creative flexibility, leading to a more impactful learning experience for your child.

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World Changers Philosophy

Our students learn about leaders from the present and past who have made changes in their local community and the world at large. Through lesson plans that encourage ethical values and community service, we hope to instill basic values and character building at an early age. Our World Changers program strives to ignite a spark that will inspire your children to change the world for the better.

Building Big Thinkers

The world is constantly evolving and that is exactly what we teach children in the Ivy Prep Curriculum. We want students to be big thinkers, world changers, and use information and their social skills to establish higher order thinking. Sixty-five percent of children will be performing jobs as adults that do not exist today and Ivy Kids gives children the tools they need to think for themselves and succeed in this ever-changing environment.

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