Ivy Kids is in a league of its own! Check out what sets us apart, and discover some of the many reasons why parents love and trust Ivy Kids.


At Ivy Kids we believe all of our students are unique individuals and it is our philosophy to treat them as such. We believe in creating a “home away from home” for your child so that they can grow to their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment. Unlike other childcare providers, we aim to appeal to your child’s ability to develop their unique emotional, intellectual, social and physical intelligence. Lastly, when it comes to academics, Ivy Kids understands the importance of including families in celebrating your child’s achievements and developmental milestones. By creating and maintaining a strong relationship between home and school, the new skills your child will develop will soon become second nature.


At Ivy Kids, your child’s safety is one of our top priorities. We incorporate multiple safety features into our facility including:

Watchmegrow internet cameras in all classrooms for full-day monitoring from your desktop or handheld device for your peace of mind. Watch your child child flourish!

Auto-lock doors and gates to permit only registered family and friends into the facility.

Touchscreen monitors in the lobby for self check-in, check-out, and payment for speed and convenience during the morning and afternoon rush

Patented safety procedures designed to keep your child safe and secure whether they are inside the classroom, in the playground or on a field trip


IvyPrep is a Multiple Intelligence based curriculum developed from Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory that every individual is gifted in different ways, and these intelligences are processed in different areas of the brain. We believe that each child has their own special genius. By tapping into their genius we can unlock their limitless potential.

Discover the IvyPrep Curriculum benefits:

  • Nurtures every child’s unique gifts and ways of processing information
  • Engages all eight of the multiple intelligences
  • Caters to the diversity of learning styles and types of intelligence
  • Facilitates active learning and expands a child’s experiences
  • Helps parents understand their children’s preferences or strengths in learning
  • Cultivates a lifelong joy in learning, and foundation for future academic and life success











Each Ivy Kids school is outfitted with a fully equipped commercial kitchen. Our certified chefs are qualified to cook nutritious, fresh, delicious meals and snacks daily onsite for your children. Every meal is prepared with your child’s health in mind, with a focus on supporting brain development and healthy eating habits.

We strive to:

  • Provide healthy food with no food dyes.
  • Operate a strict peanut-free kitchen
  • Accommodate most food-allergies and dietary restrictions

And unlike many other childcare providers, our nutritious meals are included in the tuition fee! That is no additional cost to families as we take care of preparing healthy daytime meals and snacks.

Stop by for lunch one day and sample a delicious meal!


Here at Ivy Kids, we take great pride in our state-of-the-art facilities. We promise a home-away-from home – one that is safe, clean, warm and always abuzz with activity and growth!


Porte-cochère pick up and drop off lane for unloading children, car seats, and belongings.

Bright, spacious classrooms with age-appropriate toys, nap time accessories, desks and equipment sanitized each day.

On-site laundry services for fresh sheets or cleaning of accidentally-soiled garments.

Mulch-free playground with outdoor water park for Splash Days (most locations).

Science lab where our little scientists can predict, explore, and learn through exploration and experimentation.

SMART Boards for group activities and touchscreen-tablets for educational games and apps.

Air-conditioned buses with seat belts for field trips and before & after school pick ups. And don’t forget…fresh coffee for parents every morning and our special dad-approved cookie day each week.


There’s never a dull moment at Ivy Kids. We are proud of the warm, nurturing environment we create within each school which parents say feels like a ‘home away from home’. Our schools families are like family to us and we care for each child as if our own.

All Ivy Kids’ classrooms emphasize:

  • Playful active learning, engaging all eight of the multiple intelligences
  • Enthusiastic, nurturing, teachers who interact at each child’s level
  • Age appropriate play stations and learning centers
  • Safe, fun playgrounds per class and age group


Our science curriculum is designed to inspire new connections, and nurture connections already made. Our weekly science lessons are conducted in a science room to conduct experiments and encourage exploration.

We value the importance of language learning and integrate Spanish into daily circle time and vocabulary exercises to tap into your child’s natural ability to learn language. Students also follow a Spanish language curriculum with a Spanish instructor twice a week.