Top 10 Ways to Show Love to Your Child

Move over January, here comes the month of love! There is no doubt about it – your child is the love of your life. But do you show it enough? Here are a few great ways to let your child know she will always be your Valentine.

1. Be available

There’s no two ways about it – parenthood is hard, especially if you are juggling work, too. But remember that your child’s face can light up even the gloomiest of days, if you just look at it. Put away your phone, turn off the TV. Just be there and listen when your babies need you – that’s the greatest gift you can give them.
Be available

2. Embrace positive communication

Sometimes we forget just how sensitive children are. Pay attention to the way you speak to them. Do you lose your patience? Turn to sarcasm or criticism? Everything you want to say can be said with positivity. Not only will your child’s confidence thrive, but positive language might lift your spirits too!
Embrace positive communication

3. Glow with pride

Never lose sight of just how amazing your child is. Praise her when she does well, reward achievements, and you can even brag about her a little! If your child is attending extracurricular activities at her early learning center or after preschool, stay and watch her. Errands can wait! Your little one will be over the moon that mama decided to support her.
Glow with pride

4. Read together

Even when your little one learns to read on their own, and especially before that, reading together can create a magical bond between parent and child. Reading encourages learning, boosts imagination, helps develop empathy and instills moral values into children. Curling beside you, listening to your rhythmic voice, and getting lost in imaginary adventures together is an experience your little one will cherish forever.
Read together

5. Tell her about yourself

Right now, when your child is still in preschool, she probably only knows you as Mom or Dad. Let her get to know other aspects of your life and personality, too. Instead of a bedtime story, tell her episodes from your childhood. When she comes home from daycare, don’t just ask her about her day – tell her about yours too. She will likely be fascinated by all these new sides to Mom or Dad she never knew existed.
Tell her about yourself

6. Be silly

Parents can get caught up in routines and worries so much, that we forget to have fun. Make an effort to tell jokes, say YES! more often, pull a funny face, and smile.
Be Silly

7. Give her little keepsakes

On some days, saying goodbye in the morning is tougher than usual. It can be particularly hard if you have just chosen your first daycare and your child is experiencing separation anxiety. Giving your child something of yours to take with her will help her when she misses you. You could do her hair using your hair tie, draw her a little note, or put a sticker on her clothing if she is older and there is no danger of choking.
Give her little keepsakes

8. Cook and eat together

Cooking together is an amazing opportunity to have fun together and get a little bit messy, while also teaching your child about healthy eating habits. This activity can be particularly helpful if you are dealing with a picky eater. Kids are much more likely to try out food if they help make it.


9. Write a fairy tale about them

Every child loves an exciting story! But what if the plucky princess locked inside a castle were your daughter? What if the fearless pirate captain were none other than your little boy? This unexpected twist will turn a good story into a magical gift your child will always remember.
Write a fairy tale about them

10. It’s a date!

Dates are not just reserved for your significant other. Your child will love the idea of having you all to himself for a couple of hours once a week. Of course, you spend plenty of time together already, but a designated date feels like a special occasion. Use the time to play outdoors, go to a museum or the movies, work on arts and crafts projects, or eat at his favorite restaurant.
It’s a date

What are some of your favorite ways to show love to your children? Tell us on our Facebook pages, and feel free to share the love if you liked our tips! Happy Valentines day!

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